Finding the best partner who does good work and takes the time to get to know our business and its requirements was a challenge. Seeing the videos come to existence is exciting. But the process was great too. Everyone at izideo is very friendly and worked with us. Use izideo even if it’s more expensive because of the great customer service, attention to detail and final product is awesome!

James Edward

James EdwardVice President of Marketing

 Before availing the service of izideo, my biggest challenge was to find the company who produce a great script, and trusting them with their experience. I love how you guys kept us in the circle for every step in the development of our video. If they want their project video delivered on time, and get it done in a budget-friendly way, then izideo is the way to go.

Stephen George

Stephen GeorgeBusiness Owner

I was afraid that our explainer would not look nice and that it would be a bad investment. I really liked the script you wrote for me. I wasn’t sure how to say our story. They handled every step start to finish as a professional and made it easy for me. They delivered a great explainer video.

Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth LewisSales Consultant

We were looking for a cost-friendly solution for a campaign. We loved the ease of process. All the change was done very quickly as requested. A great service for creating creative, animated videos that is budget-friendly.

Michelle King

Michelle KingAccount Executive

During my initial call with izideo, I was struck with how much interest my contact person had in my creative ideas, my goals, and my budget. In follow-up consultations, it truly felt like everyone is fully involved, and the finished product really satisfied me. I would recommend izideo without hesitation. I am optimistic that this aspect of my marketing will pay off many times over

Clarence McArthur

Clarence McArthurCEO

It was a pleasure to work with you as well and I will be back for multilingual versions when we get ready to launch. I am a business start-up so the investment was the scariest. However, your clear pricing put me in charge of my spending with no surprise, so I was very happy with this. Seeing the storyboard, I was blown away with the story. I already have some referrals. Some said I just don’t have the money right now and I said that is why you need this now so you will have the money.

Derek Williams

Derek WilliamsDirector

Our experience with izideo was the best. The communication was great from start to the final delivery of the video. They accommodated all the request we had. Prior, they discussed explained every step to us in detail and we were very comfortable working with them. We absolutely liked our videos and would highly refer them to anyone wanting to showcase their business in a creative way. It was a nice experience and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Margaret Oram

Margaret OramEntrepreneur

I felt there is a high risk in hiring an unknown company. But they met my expectations, diligent response, clear and easy process. These guys are fantastic! You should use them for any kind of animation for business. Awesome work and wonderful prices!

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn StewartPublicity Manager

I was looking for a video company who understands our brand and puts their own flavor to the story and video. Whole experience with izideo was great. Liked the fact that izideo took our feedback positively and delivered excellent results. Surely izideo is my recommendation.

 Philip Roberts

Philip RobertsBrand Manager

The Greatest challenge for us was making sure we had visuals that supported the message that we want to present. We wanted to make sure we had a top-noch video to show to everyone. My favorite part of the process is when the animation is being made. The artwork looks awesome. The project was an unforgettable experience. The izideo saff was diligent in every response and made sure that we had thes best quality video to show to premium clients. Fantastic work!

John Bird

John BirdBusiness Owner

I was not sure if izideo would deliver my product how I had wanted it but my video came out so amazing. They worked with me through revisions and changes to get it how I wanted and I love what I got as a result.

Rodney Allen

Rodney AllenPresident of Marketing

Since this was my first time creating a video I was not sure what to expect and how much involvement is necessary. As a whole, the process went smoothly and it was done professionally. Having the options to make changes and make the video what you want made the process a lot easier. izideo seems organized and professional and will help you build the explainer video you need.

William Nickols

William NickolsSales Director

Before I found izideo, I wasn’t sure how a whiteboard animation would work for the product but it resulted to be a wonderful marketing tool. The best part in the process was the main drawing. It turned out great. I would recommend izideo to anyone thinking of investing for this new trend.

Harvey Aiden

Harvey AidenSenior Brand Manager

I was worried about Price because I was given high amounts from other companies. Best part was seeing the artist make the project come alive. Hire them and don’t be afraid to suggest changes because they have unlimited revisions per stage.

Roberto Jones

Roberto JonesCharity Fundraising Manager

These guys are great to work with. Our drawings came out better than we anticipated, everything was done as agreed, and they responded diligently to every question we had. We’ll be using them for all our future projects.

Connor Davies

Connor DaviesMarketing Research Analyst

I had an amazing experience creating the video with izideo. You were committed to make multiple changes throughout the process. My favorite part being involved from idea to reality. Not only was it easy, it was fun too. I’m very satisfied with the final video and will call on you again in the future.

 Dylan Cox

Dylan CoxMarketing Consultant

I was little concerned whether izideo would be able to deliver. I spoke with many video makers and I just didn’t felt that they were committed. It was so many things that I liked but to name one would be the involvement. You kept me in the circle in every step. Not only was my video delivered in time, but the quality, cost and the wonderful staff made it so easy.

Eva Bradley

Eva BradleyChief Technology Officer

My favorite part of this experience has been the quality and professionalism. I can’t tell you enough how assuring it is to have communication. My biggest fear was telling ideas to the artists. The creative questionnaire you had me answered took care of everything.

Logan Bennet

Logan BennetSenior Sales Representative

I really enjoyed the whole process with everyone at izideo. The process from start to finish was very good, they understood every detail I was saying and made it even better that I imagined. The process was friendly and quick and I would highly recommend them to everyone. I am very happy with the video that was created for me.

Jessica Cunningham

Jessica CunninghamSEO Manager

Our biggest challenge was if the video would satisfy our client and making them believe that it would be beneficial. I think they are very convinced. Our favorite part was seeing the script and the storyboard. I would go for it. It’s a great way to tell a message and explain an idea.

Sophie Saunders

Sophie SaundersSocial Media Project Manager

I thought I was going to have a tough time working with your team to keep my video within 1 minute but you manage to provide rich content in that time. izideo was considerate, responsive and cost-saving for me. I am grateful for this. I like that the story relates to life; it is not fiction but simply the reality. It connects with the average people. You make the best explainer videos in the work and that you have a team that is professional.

Olie Moore

Olie MooreOnline Product Manager

At first, I didn’t know if you could really do this for the small investment you were asking. Your team are the greatest, talented, and everyone committed to what has been agreed. I am involved with several projects. This was the best vendor I have ever worked with. I have been in business for over 10 years. I have referred your service to several people.

Owen Campbell

Owen CampbellPublic Relations Coordinator

The biggest concern before hiring izideo was deciding as a start-up whether it was worth the investment for a short video. The script writing was my favorite part. We’d give izideo our ideas and they would really do good work based on that.

Kian Singh

Kian SinghMarketing Manager

We were not sure if there was a way to show our product well but it turned out that izideo offers great service for a small investment. izideo offers more than just animation: They gave a close look at the product and presented an idea better than it was in our imagination before.

Elijah Morris

Elijah MorrisDirector of Promotions

My Concerns before hiring izideo were ability and commitment to a job well done. My favorite part was the staff that took the time to get to know all our needs. They really worked as a team to deliver great customer care. The deadline was met. Great personality which is important in the creative space. Especially in the digital environment. They have showed best practices to make life easier for the customer. They can make your brand better. Oh, and the cost is reasonable too.

Bob Johnson

Bob JohnsonBusiness Development Rep

I was not sure of the message we wanted to tell and was afraid to invest without fully understanding. The way we created the storyboard was really a team effort. The storyboarding process was amazing. This was a painless and fun experience to go through. Very professional. Will use again and recommend to others.

Zachary Jenkins

Zachary JenkinsCreative Director

I was concerned about the quality of work and service. I wasn’t sure that the quality of the videos from the portfolio will be same as the final product. I was also unsure if there will be hidden charges. You guys were very fast. I was also happy with the way you worked with me when we had any kind of changes and issues. I’d say the process is simple, affordable, and fast. I’d recommend you guys any day.

Kelly Dean

Kelly DeanChief Financial Officer

My biggest concern was that you wouldn’t be able grasp our ideals. Favorite part of the video production experience was the story board, so well done and diligently finished! I would say you’re a professional and nice to work with!

Michael Brown

Michael BrownBrand Manager

My favorite part was collaborating with customer service. When creating a video, it’s important to have uninterrupted communication to ensure that the final product reflects the plans. I think we did a great job in committing to the project! I’d tell everyone that izideo is a great company that really opens the process to ensure their clients get exactly what they requested.

Bailey Chambers

Bailey ChambersCommunications Director

I availed the services of izideo just not knowing how the final video would look like. But it absolutely exceeded my expectations. You guys are very organized and you reply very diligently. I’d say go for izideo. I look forward to working with you guys in future, for sure.

Sophie Ives

Sophie IvesMarketing Executive

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